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Hardware Labels

When a node is registered, the data is stored in the inventory with default labels and values relative to the node hardware.

This data is used for easy identification and selection via a MachineSelector.

The following labels are set up automatically:

LabelDescription total RAM memory in the node, expressed in bytes CPU cores CPU threads vendor model model (Only available if the node has an identifiable GPU) vendor (Only available if the node has an identifiable GPU) of network interfaces in the system interface name the Network Interface is a virtual one of block devices in the system (includes DVD and USB drives) name of the block device (i.e. sda, sr0, vda, etc...) this block device is removable (i.e. DVD) space in this block device, expressed in bytes type of this block device, see table below type for this block device connection, see table below

On both BlockDeviceX and NetIfaceX the X indicates a number, as there could be more than one device. Numbers are just for enumeration purposes and have no relation with the underlying hardware.

Block device drive types

HDDHard disk drive
FDDFloppy disk drive
ODDOptical disk drive
SSDSolid-state drive
virtualvirtual drive i.e. loop devices
Unknownunknown drive type

Block device controller types

IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics
SCSISmall computer system interface
NVMeNon-volatile Memory Express
MMCMulti-media controller (used for mobile phone storage devices)
virtioVirtualized storage controller/driver
looploop device
Unknownunknown controller type