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Follow this guide to restore an elemental node configuration from a backup with Rancher.

Prepare rancher-backup operator and backup files for restoring

Go to official Rancher documentation and make sure that rancher-bakup operator is installed and has access to backup files.

Restore the elemental node configuration with rancher-backup operator

Create a restore object to restore the backup tarball:

kind: Restore
name: restore-migration
backupFilename: rancher-backup-430169aa-edde-4a61-85e8-858f625a755b-2022-10-17T05-15-00Z.tar.gz

Apply manifest on Kubernetes

kubectl apply -f rancher-restore.yaml

Check logs from rancher-backup operator

kubectl logs -n cattle-resources-system -l -f

Verify if backup file was restore successfully.

INFO[2022/10/31 06:34:50] Processing controllerRef apps/v1/deployments/rancher
INFO[2022/10/31 06:34:50] Done restoring

Continue with procedure from Rancher documentation