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Version: 1.4

SeedImage reference

A SeedImage resource allows to build an ISO that can be used to install Elemental onto a node.
It requires a baseImage, i.e., a URL to an Elemental installation ISO, and a registrationRef reference to a MachineRegistration resource, from which the registration part of the Elemental configuration is extracted and injected in the ISO to produce the final seed image.
It is also possible to inject ISO customizations in the cloud-config field.

Once the seed image is ready, the download URL is shared in the .status.downloadURL field. It stays available for download for cleanupAfterMinutes minutes (default is 60, 1 hour), after which it is deleted.
Setting retriggerBuild to true retriggers the seed image build process while setting cleanupAfterMinutes to 0 keeps the seed image around till the SeedImage resource is deleted.

seed images may fill up local storage

The seed images are kept on the node's local storage: pay attention to the number of SeedImage resources you start concurrently and to the ones you may leave around with the auto-cleanup feature disabled (cleanupAfterMinutes = 0) as you may exhaust the storage on your cluster nodes.

The SeedImage resource tracks the seed image build process through two status conditions:

  • Ready: tracks the creation of all the required child resources that perform the actual build process.
  • SeedImageReady: tracks the status of the build process in the child resources.
kind: SeedImage
name: ...
namespace: ...
baseImage: ...
cloud-config: ...
name: ...
namespace: ...
cleanupAfterMinutes: ...
retriggerBuild: ...