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How to build raw disk images for Raspberry Pi

This guide will show how we can build a raw disk image that can be written to an SD-card and booted without any other installation media.


Any data on the SD-card will be erased, please only use a SD-card without anything important on it.

The SD-card must be reasonably large (32 GB or more) and fast (!!).

SeedImage resource
kind: SeedImage
name: fire-img
namespace: fleet-default
type: raw
targetPlatform: linux/arm64
kind: MachineRegistration
name: fire-nodes
namespace: fleet-default

Check the logs for the build pod using:

kubectl logs -n fleet-default fire-img -f -c build

When the build is finished we can download the image file using wget:

wget --no-check-certificate $(kubectl get seedimage -n fleet-default fire-img -o jsonpath="{.status.downloadURL}") -O sle-micro.arm64.raw

Now we can write the .raw image to the SD-card. This can be done with dd on the Linux command line if you're comfortable with this command. openSUSE has nice instructions on how to write an image to a storage medium for Linux, Windows, and OS X.